Salli Elbow Table with Chair

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Salli Driver Car Saddle Seat

  285.00  each

Salli Saddle Chair Seat Cover

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Salli Saddle Chairs

Salli Saddle Chairs

Salli Saddle Chairs offer a wide range of products to eradicate the problems caused by poor working positions and effectively prevents new ailments.

Versatile Salli Saddle Chairs

Salli Twin: divided seat with height and tilt adjustments

Salli Multi-Adjuster: divided seat with height, width and tilt adjustments

Salli Swing: divided seat with height adjustment and active swing mechanism

Salli Swing Fit: divided seat with height and width adjustments and active swing mechanism


Salli Saddle Chair

Salli Saddle Chair

You will notice the positive changes within a few weeks. We spend most of our days sitting down both at the office and at home. Give yourself the chance to improve your sitting position dramatically, and teach your family members to take notice of their well-being by sitting correctly. As the Finnish proverb says: “what you learn as a child, you will master once you’ve grown up.”

Stronger back with Salli Saddle Chair
Many of us are no stranger to back, neck and shoulder pains. According to some statistics, even 80 percent of people suffer from some kind of back problems at some point of their lives. Many of us spend 13 hours sitting every work day, and that’s when a proper sitting position and work chair play a major role. Correct sitting has multiple effects on your well-being.

In the two-parted Salli saddle chair your body is not forced into a harmful position. Riding-like sitting position lets your back enjoy good posture without unnecessary muscle tension. On the Salli saddle chair you are sitting on top of your sitting bones, legs extended in a wide angle. Your body can execute its natural trajectories of movement: the deep muscles in your corset area and legs get to work. The two-parted seat is the only sitting option that is beneficiary to your health.

Upright and healthy sitting position affects the energy levels of you mind and body. In the Salli saddle chair the upper and lower body rest freely. As a result of the good posture, the rib cage can expand freely, which deepens your breathing. It is easy to move with and reach from the chair during your work day, and the muscles in your back and abdomen get a little work out at the same time. You feel alert because of the increased oxygen intake and activeness.

On the Salli saddle chair, your body weight is divided on the sitting bones. The lower back can therefore form a natural curve. As the load on the spine eases, the muscles in the neck and shoulder area can relax. Improved blood circulation reduces the occurrence of headaches. Your legs can enjoy their freedom without the feeling of pressure or swelling. In addition to this, the two-parted seat also does not press the genitalia either.

The ergonomically designed seat of the Salli saddle chair directs your body automatically in the natural, health-promoting posture. Once you have achieved this, it is easy to work all day. The lower body forms a golden triangle: you are sitting on your sitting bones with your legs obliquely forward. Your back stays in the good posture without support and can be exercised by little shifts of the weight. On the Salli you are “sitting while standing”.

Salli Saddle Chairs SALLI CHAIRS