Master Ergonomic Saddle Stool - Black

  89.99  each

Master Ergonomic Saddle Stool - Dark Brown

  89.99  each

SkinMate Salon Saddle Stool

  89.95  each

Affinity Saddle Stool

  132.95  each

REM Mustang Salon Stool

  189.95  each

Sissel Saddle Chair

  129.95  each

Teknik Ergo Posture Saddle Stool

  189.95  each

Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Chair

  189.95  each

Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Chair with Backrest

  239.95  each

Seers Saddle Stool

  275.00  each

Plinth Saddle Stool

  239.95  each

Benefits Of The Saddle Chair For Bad Backs

The benefits of the saddle chair are well documented. Its shape and design provide a more beneficial and supportive sitting posture than conventional ergonomic chair designs.

The declining position of the upper legs rotate the pelvis forwards and curves the lower back in to an anatomically correct position of the lordosis. This in turn straightens the upper back, leading to a generally improved back posture and reduced tension in the upper back, shoulder girdle and neck muscles.

Recommended for active seating/standing roles such as check-out cashiers, mailroom personnel, machine or equipment operators or very active clerical staff. They are also particulaly recommended for dentists as they have spend much of their working day leaning forwards and saddle chairs are now used worldwide by dentists as they are generally considered to be the best seating solution for their needs.

The saddle chair comprises a moulded seat covered with polyurethane foam and usually upholstered in easy clean vinyl or leather. The short, wide saddle seat had been designed to make it suitable for both sexes.

Saddle Chair features:
• Strengthens the back, abdominal and buttock muscles
• Improves your posture
• Improves leg circulation and reduces foot swelling
• Enables the user to reach further and more safely than in a conventional chair

Saddle Chair : Reviews

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you! I purchased the Affinity Saddle Stool and it arrived yesterday, I am extremely pleased with my stool! I suffer from lower/upper back and neck trouble and am training myself to be a reflexologist and holistic therapist so this is my reason for the purchase, the saddle is bigger than I expected, like a real saddle and I can feel a instant difference in my posture! SD

Just to confirm that new saddle stool has arrived, wowh I can't believe the speed of it. I would certainly recommend your company, now hopefully I'll have many happy years with a straight back. Thank you once again - we need more companies like yourselves in this country. 10/10 Customer service. SP, Hornchurch

I received the saddle chair with thanks and love it!! VT, Northern Ireland

Just a quick note to say thanks, the Salli chair was left in the porch as instructed and we are absolutely delighted with it. LC, Surrey

saddle chairs SADDLE CHAIRS

“In Buddhist tradition a bench or a pillow is often used to create a kneeling-like position that can be maintained for extended periods of Zen meditation discipline. The weight of the torso is lifted off the ankles and the forward tilting seat opens up the angle between trunk and thighs, putting the back into its natural S-shaped alignment." Three Norwegian designers Oddvin Rykken, Peter Opsvik and Prof. Svein Gusrud developed saddle chairs and stools based on this principle. This way of sitting became known in countries all over the world. One chair in particular sold in high volumes in Europe, USA and Japan; the Balans Variable, designed by Opsvik.