Sissel Inversion Table

  269.95  each

Sissel Hang Up Pro Inversion Table

  469.95  each


Relieve back pain and reduce the effects of stress. It's documented that Inversion was used as early as 400 B.C., when Hypocrites, the father of medicine, first watched a patient have his knees bound and ankles tied to a ladder to be hoisted upside down for a dose of what's come to be known as spinal traction. The Greek theories on inversion are still valid, but today there is a much easier way to relieve the back pains most people experience from time to time. The process is called Inversion therapy, and it can be the natural way to a better back and a better body. Inversion tables are now clinically accepted as a method of improving back pain and are being used by many thousands of people around the world.