If your job requires you to sit for long periods, it might be time to be kind to your body. It’s easy for bad posture to become routine. The habit often starts early, as most of us haven’t been taught how to sit.

That’s why Swedish Support Design Seating is so clever. They’re chairs are ergonomically designed to make perfect posture feel natural. You’ll alleviate strain, increase energy levels and improve your sense of well being. These handcrafted, ergonomic chairs are designed to naturally promote great posture so you can sit comfortably and stay healthy at the same time.

Support Design is a family-owned business and for almost 30 years they've proudly created seats internationally renowned for comfort and ergonomic support. All their manufacturing takes place at their factory in Sweden using only high quality materials. The chairs and stools will improve your posture, strengthen your core muscle groups and improve your mood and productivity. They are intuitively designed and ideal for modern working environments such as clinics and offices.