Novasonic Intrasound Portable Device

  189.95  each

Sissel Wrist Cold Compression Therapy

  29.95  each

Sissel Elbow or Knee Cold Compression Therapy

  34.95  each

Sissel Ankle Cold Compression Therapy

  34.95  each

Sissel Neck Relax

  12.95  each

Sissel Acupressure Mat

  65.95  each

Sissel Serola Sarcoiliac Belt

  39.95  each

Sissel Back Change

  44.95  each

Putnam Lumbar Support Belt - Medium

  49.95  each

Putnam Lumbar Support Belt - Large

  49.95  each

Putnam Lumbar Support Belt - Extra Large

  49.95  each

Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Equipment

Sissel UK offer a wide range of fitness and rehabilitation equipment from cost effective resistance bands and tubes, anti burst gym balls for safe exercising to the exciting Vibrosphere™, whole body vibration technology contained in a wobble board. All Sissel fitness and rehabilitation equipment meet the highest standards and quality expected by world class, professional sports people, fitness and rehabilitation experts.

Sissel latex resistance bands and tubes now contain 80% less allergic reaction causing protein. This reduction does not effect the strength or stretchability of the bands and tubes. All Sissel gym balls, Sitfits and Balancefits are latex and phthalate free. Sissel's balance range include the Pro Fitter physio kit, SRF and wobble boards.