Sissel Pilates Ball - 26cm

  9.95  each

Sissel Pilates Ball - 22cm

  8.95  each

Sissel Pilates Toe Socks

  9.95  each

Sissel Pilates Toning Balls - 450gm (pair)

  18.95  each

Sissel PilatesToning Balls - 900gm (pair)

  22.95  each

Sissel Green Franklin Balls (pair)

  19.95  each

Sissel Original Franklin Mini Roller

  19.95  each

Sissel Franklin Fascia Release Roll

  19.95  each

Sissel Franklin Fascia Toner

  18.95  each

Sissel Franklin Reflex Ball

  14.95  each

Sissel Soft Franklin Balls (pair)

  19.95  each

Sissel Pilates Ball Stabilizer Stand

  22.95  each

Sissel Pilates Roller Head Align Dynamic

  24.95  each

Sissel Pilates Roller Pro 15cm x 90cm

  48.95  each

Sissel Pilates Roller Pro 15cm x 100cm

  51.95  each

Sissel Pilates Roller Stand

  27.95  each

Sissel Pilates Roller Soft 15cm x 90cm

  49.95  each

Sissel Pilates Exercise Ring 38cm

  24.95  each

Sissel Compact Pilates Exercise Ring 30cm

  24.95  each

Sissel Pilates Band

  16.95  each

Sissel Pilates Socks

  9.95  each

Sissel Pilates Core Trainer

  24.95  each

Sissel Pilates & Yoga Mat

  29.95  each

Pilates Align Jumpboard

  119.95  each

Pilates Align Ladder Barrel

  969.95  each

Pilates Align Reformer Sitting Box

  229.95  each

Mambo Deluxe Pilates Ring

  22.45  each

Premium Pilates Foam Roller - Long

  35.65  each

Premium Pilates Foam Roller - Medium

  26.95  each

Pilates and Yoga Equipment

Pilates and Yoga Equipment

Pilates and Yoga are exercise regimes which are based on gentle, controlled movements with particular emphasis on body position and correct posture. This is proving to be beneficial in rehabilitation programmes. To achieve this small equipment is used.

Sissel produce a range of small equipment for Pilates and Yoga. Our range of Yoga blocks and belts. mats, low weight toning balls, Soft Pilates balls, foam rollers and many more, make it easy to choose the correct piece of equipment for the specific exercise.

The low weight Pilates toning ball, 450 gm, is ideal for retraining exercises for the shoulder. It's weight is sufficient to load the shoulder muscles to reeducate the neuomuscular system without over working a poorly functioning shoulder.