SkinMate Pedicure Foot Spa Chair - Grey

  839.00  each

Weelko Pira Foot Spa Chair

  1,195.00  each

Weelko Caln Luxury Foot Spa Chair

  3,645.00  each

REM Natura Pedi Foot Spa Chair

  1,785.00  each

REM Dream Pedi Foot Spa Chair

  2,385.00  each

REM Dream Link Unit

  595.00  each

REM Centenary Pedi Spa Chair with Whirlpool and Basin Cover

  2,520.00  each

REM Plaza Pedi Booth Foot Spa Chair with Whirlpool and Basin Cover

  2,525.00  each

REM Plaza Pedi Stool

  445.00  each


We have created this select collection for you to enjoy browsing through and we hope you will be able to find a suitable foot spa chair. All these foot spas have been selected for there comfort and durability. We have over 22 years of experience - please call us with your requirements and we will be happy to help.