Master Glider Rolling Stool - Black

  69.99  each

Master Glider Rolling Stool - Cream

  69.99  each

Master Glider Rolling Stool - Blue

  69.99  each

Master Ergonomic Saddle Stool - Black

  89.99  each

Master Ergonomic Saddle Stool - Dark Brown

  89.99  each

Master Backrest Stool - 3 Colours

  89.99  each

Master Wooden Handy Stool - 3 Colours

  45.99  each

Affinity Folding Wooden Therapist Stool

  67.95  each

Affinity Therapist's Rolling Stool

  79.95  each

Affinity Backrest Salon Stool

  132.95  each

Affinity Curved Back Swivel Stool

  168.95  each

Affinity Saddle Stool

  132.95  each

Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Stool

  189.95  each

Berkeley Split Seat Saddle Stool with Backrest

  239.95  each

SkinMate Lite Stool (White)

  109.95  each

SkinMate Lite Stool (Black)

  109.95  each

SkinMate White Compact Stool

  89.95  each

SkinMate White Compact Stool and Backrest

  109.95  each

SkinMate Black Compact Stool

  89.95  each

REM Clover Salon Chair

  199.95  each

REM Polo Salon Chair

  329.00  each

REM Mustang Salon Stool

  189.95  each

REM Macys Cosmetic & Brow Hydraulic Recliner Chair

  1,125.00  each

Largest range of therapist and health practitioner stool and chairs in the UK

We have specialist knowledge of the requirements of the therapist and health practitioner and have developed over many years a comprehensive range of stools and chairs.

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The UK's number 1 supplier of therapist stools and chairs. We have avast range of seating solutions from leading brands from the UK and around Europe.