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Pro-Tec IsoGard F4 Thermolysis Probes (30)

Pro-Tec IsoGard F4 Thermolysis Probes (30)

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Pro-Tec IsoGard F4 Thermolysis Probes (30)

Natural Living

Two-piece disposable insulated probes

Sterile and individually wrapped

Designed for thermolysis modes

Medical-grade Teflon insulation

Box of 30 F-type probes

Pro-Tec IsoGuard: These probes are almost fully insulated, only the tip remains uncovered. This increases the effectiveness of each insertion and allows you to reduce the setting, making the whole process much more comfortable for the client. The insulation also provides surface protection against reactions, which can occur when the current touches the client’s skin. These specific probes are ideal for thermolysis and are used for shallow hairs.

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