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SkinMate Elite Pressure Massager

SkinMate Elite Pressure Massager

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SkinMate Elite Pressure Massager

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The Pressure Massage generates continuous graduated pressure waves which gently massage interstitial ?uid and lymph back into the circulation and help return blood to the heart. In stimulating lymphatic circulation, the Pressure Massage increases the elimination of toxins and fatty deposits, reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

A further pressure control automatically regulates the flow of air into each compartment, creating a pressure gradient from top to bottom. This means the device automatically adapts to each client’s body morphology, delivering personalised treatment at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, the Pressure Massage system of connections allows it to inflate and deflate significantly more rapidly than similar products, creating increased circulatory stimulation and drainage.

The active wave generates waves that ripple from bottom to top of the accessory and back again. The ripple effect generated by the active wave provides a rhythmic pumping motion along the limb being treated, which acts directly on the micro-circulation (the capillaries and small blood vessels), reinforcing the action of the pressure therapy treatment. These effects are enhanced by regular pressure surges.


The Pressure Massage offers a variety of applications ranging from the treatment of all cellulite stages. Impairment of the blood circulation – tummy, thighs, hip and buttock are the most affected body parts;

• Accumulation of the metabolic waste causing the proliferation of connective tissues
• Decreasing the number and size of fat cells
• Leg oedema
• Varicose veins

The Pressure Massage can provide both preventive and curative therapy for all these conditions. Therefore, they are a valuable acquisition for every physiotherapy office, hospital, beauty salon, wellness or spa centre.

Operating models are computer controlled devices based on the principle of manual lymph drainage. The air is pumped into the compartments that consist of 8 or 5 chambers. The compartment pressure is adjustable and can be easily controlled via front panel of the equipment. Release and compression of the different vascular and lymphatic structures during the drainage immediately results in the influx of blood along with nourishing elements, and the elimination of fluids and metabolic waste products. This leads to the oedema reduction, stimulation of a sluggish immune system, enhancement of cellular level immunity, and last but not least, reduction of cellulite.

The devices offer 4 pre-set programs that help the therapist to select the optimal treatment for each individual patient and/or condition. In addition, treatment of oedema, veins, and injuries of the musculoskeletal system they also represent an excellent complementary therapy to various body contouring and cellulite reduction techniques (cavitation treatment, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, anti-cellulite creams, etc.

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  Great Machine  Arrived quickly and we all love. And so do our clients. THanks guys.   (15/07/2019) GTJ - Harpenden

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