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SkinMate Elite Radio Frequency

SkinMate Elite Radio Frequency

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SkinMate Elite Radio Frequency

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Effect of Body Treatments

- Cellular activity is increased
- Circulation of the blood is invigorated
- Cellular exchange is encouraged
?Causes the localised combustion of fats

Combined Treatment Effects

The advantages of the association of Radiofrequency combined with muscle stimulation are due to the fact that a Lipolytic activity is created. The fats inside the adipose cells are mobilised and transferred to the blood. The red muscle fibre is then stimulated using the fats to supply energy for the contraction. If not utilised they would again be re-deposited.

Treatment Results

The first results can be seen after 2, or 3 treatments with a loss in centimetres according to the treated areas.

Right from the first treatment the client will notice an increase in diureris, a sign that waste products are being eliminated from the Body.

Facial Treatments

Amongst all the rejuvenating techniques that use heat to activate the subcutaneous fibroblasts, Radio Frequency is currently the most advanced system with regard to timescales, convenience and costs.

The heat produced by Radio Frequency causes the denaturation and contraction of collagen fibres, which produce a natural lifting effect of tightening the skin and stimulation of new collagen.

Treatment Versatility

A Facial and Body applicator are included for areas where the therapist considers it to be necessary to treat areas that may require a more concentrated approach or specific targeting.

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