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SkinMate Elite Clear Skin Microdermabrasion and Diamond Peel

SkinMate Elite Clear Skin Microdermabrasion and Diamond Peel

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SkinMate Elite Clear Skin Microdermabrasion and Diamond Peel

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SkinMate Clearskin Microdermabrasion incorporates the highest hygienic standards as well the latest technical innovations.

Digital Display - Analogue Control - Diamond Heads - Vacuum and Abrasion Mode - Normal or Boost Mode Humidity Control - Patented Loop System - Automatic Flow Regulation - Anti-blockage Cycle - Self Cleaning Feature - Two Regulated Pumps for Soft or Powerful Treatments - Vacuum Only Mode (to eliminate crystals) -Closed Loop System (eliminates cross contamination)- Footswitch Control - Carry Case Available Efficient Use of Crystals • Inexpensive Consumables • Elegant, Compact Design - Sterilisable Hand Piece (no steel, aluminium, tungsten or glass)

Medical Design After years of research, the collective experience of medical expertise, allied with the latest state of the art technology has allowed the release of one of the best performing units in the world, at an economic price.

Clearskin Microdermabrasion gently promotes new skin growth leaving a healthier, smoother, brighter, clearer and firmer looking skin. Clearskin Microdermabrasion allows the finest of the controlled Microdermabrasion procedures while being safe, hygienic, versatile, reliable and economic.

Humidity Control Unlike conventional Microdermabrasion units, treatments are easy to perform, regular, and at will, soft or powerful. Thanks to some exclusive features such as anti-clog or a dehumidifier controlled unit, Clearskin is extremely reliable. The closed loop moisture removal system with the de-humidifying crystals, eliminate the frequent blockages that are caused by any moisture entering the system. Along with the self-cleaning feature, many of the problems associated with standard microdermabrasion systems are now a thing of the past.

Effective Treatments From the most serious skin conditions to gentle clearing of skin imperfections Clearskin microdermabrasion effectively treats:-

Congested Skin - Open Pores & Comedones - Acne Prone Skin - Acne Scars - Pigmentations - Age Spots - Frown, Lip Lines - Stretch Marks Reduction - Scar Tissue Reduction - Premature Ageing - Skin Blemishes - Ingrown Hair

The SkinMate Clearskin microdermabrasion unit is also the preferred choice of machine for mobile specialists who offer a regional salon service, which is made possible by the SkinMate Clearskin being of compact design.

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