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Aidapt Foam Squeeze Ball (Stress Ball) - Orange

Aidapt Foam Squeeze Ball (Stress Ball) - Orange

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Aidapt Foam Squeeze Ball (Stress Ball) - Orange

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The Squeeze Ball (or Stress Ball as they're often called) is great for physical therapy and rehabilition. They can be used to strengthen the hand, wrist and forearm and improve grip and flexibility. They can also be used to aid relaxation and provide stress relief by simply squeezing and breathing deeply - perfect in a stressful work environment or if you are giving up smoking, for example. Ideal if you have smaller hands, or have difficulty in gripping a larger size, the Squeeze Ball (Stress Ball) from Aidapt is available in two colours and makes an ideal gift.

  • Can help to strengthen grip and improve flexibility
  • Ideal for rehabilition, exercise and physical therapy
  • Also useful as a relaxation aid or to relieve stress
  • Smaller size is perfect for petite hands and weakened grips
  • Colour Orange
  • Diameter (mm) 50
  • Main body material PU Foam

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