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Varier Variable Balans

Varier Variable Balans

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Varier Variable Balans

Natural Living

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Design: Peter Opsvik : Positive Reaction

The Variable both encourages your body to move and reacts to every one of its movements. Body and chair, action and reaction, in a cycle of continuous motion that energizes and enlivens your body and mind.

The Variable is the perfect instrument for the work at a desk - for children and adults. Runners and kneepads promote an open and dynamic sitting position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature and improves breathing. The chair gives your body the freedom to find its own equilibrium which keeps your back and abdominal muscles working. While tension in back and shoulders is prevented, this ‘active sitting’ improves circulation and oxygen levels; thus concentration and creativity during your work.

• Follows the natural body movement
• Promotes natural, upright posture
• Prevents tension in neck and shoulders
• Strengthens core and abdominal muscles
• Enhances deep breathing
• Improves concentration through increased blood circulation and oxygen supply
• Energizes and combats tiredness
• Reduces pressure on vertebral discs

Dimensions without Backrest:
52cm x 72cm x 51cm (seat height: 50cm)
Dimensions with Backrest:
52cm x 80cm x 93cm (seat height: 50cm)

Optional Distance Blocks: reduce the distance between knee and seat for those under 150cm height or children

VARIER FABRICS & COLOURS (see charts below)

REVIVE + 0.00
A vibrant upholstery textile designed by Georgina Wright
100% recycled polyester

FAME : Standard + 110.00 / Non-standard + 130.00
A soft, strong & stretchable fabric
88% Wools of New Zealand / 12% Polyamide

DINAMICA : Standard + 170.00 / Non-Standard + 200.00
The eco-suede for people who respect the world in which they live
88% Polyester and 12% Polyurethan

LEATHER + 290.00
A Semi-Aniline is a natural half-grain cowhide, with a soft, waxy feel and semi-matt appearance

Small swatches of all fabrics are available on request

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Varier Fame Revive Chart
Varier Fame Fabric Chart


  Great relief  Wasn't sure whether this was the right kneeling chair to buy but now I've received it (on time) I am more than pleased. A great relief and I'm sure this will make a big difference.   (29/07/2019) WR - Devon

  Very Comfortable  I have always wanted a Varier Chair since seeing one in a friend's house. The design and quality is amazing. Would highly recommend.   (26/02/2017) FG - Fulham

  Excellent service & communication.   Very comfortable!   (27/08/2014) MK -

  Very professional and friendly service  Absolutely lovely. Very high quality product. Can't wait to see what good it will do for my back.   (26/08/2014) BS -

  Very quick to answer enquiries  Packing good & product arrived in perfect condition. Quality of product excellent. I would find it more comfortable if I could adjust the seat height. I like the action of the product in use.   (22/08/2014) BD - Maidenhead

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