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Sissel Serola Sarcoiliac Belt

Sissel Serola Sarcoiliac Belt

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Sissel Serola Sarcoiliac Belt

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Serola SI belts are a simple effective way of preventing and treating low back pain, Sacroiliac pain and joint instability by helping correct joint biomechanics, encouraging ligamentous remodelling and aiding myofascial rehabilitation.

Acute Low Back & Sacroiliac pain
Research findings implicate the SI joint in up to 90% of low back pain. Whether the primary cause is sacroiliac, myofascial, facet or discal, most lumbar and pelvic girdle muscles will be involved. For patients who can't take time off work, support at this stage can help prevent acute problems becoming chronic.

Hypermobility and Instability
Effective and comfortable support for pre/post partum hypermobility and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). Equally helpful for acquired hypermobility/instability whether occupational, e.g. dancers, gymnasts etc. or post-traumatic, degenerative and compensatory.

Hip Joint support
Immediate support for people with painful overworked girdle muscles and painful hip joints. As an intertrochanteric support the Serola SI belt is a valuable aid to post-operative rehabilitation, especially for Trendelenberg positives.

Ideal for people in high risk occupations e.g. builders, nurses, vets, care workers etc. where sudden changes in loading can occur, potentially causing damage, pain and loss of earnings if not treated early and effectively. Can be worn during and after pregnancy.

The Serola Sacroiliac (SI) belt can be worn over or under clothing. The belt should be worn lower than a normal belt, fitting over the large bones of the pelvis rather than around the waist. The belt should be tight and supportive not tight and restrictive.

• No hard parts or buckles to cut or chafe
• Breathable, cool fabric for day-in day-out comfort
• Hand wash only
• Colour, blue/grey
• Sizes:
- small, up to 34" - up to 86cm
- medium, 34"/40" - 86/99cm
- large, 40"/46" - 99/120cm
- extra large, 46"/52" - 120/130cm
• 12 month guarantee

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