Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Face Cloth

  1.65  each

Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Manicure Guest Towel

  3.50  each

Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Hand Towel

  4.95  each

Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Bath Towel

  11.95  each

Egyptian Cotton 550gsm Bath Sheet

  16.95  each

Boutique 700gsm Luxury Hand Towel

  6.95  each

Boutique 700gsm Luxury Bath Towel

  12.95  each

Boutique 700gsm Luxury Bath Sheet

  17.95  each

Black Hairdressing Salon Towels - Pack of 10

  24.95  each

Black Chlorine Resistant Hairdressing Salon Towels - Pack of 12

  39.95  each

Hairdressing Salon Tinting Towels - Pack of 10

  24.95  each

SkinMate Dispoable Towels White x 50

  15.95  each

Sherpa Snuggle Blanket

  21.95  each

Disposable Slippers with Rubber Sole - Open Toe

  2.75  each

Disposable Towelling Slippers with Adjustable Strap - Open Toe

  2.95  each

Disposable Towelling Slippers Velour with Closed Toe - White

  2.95  each

Disposable Slippers with Closed Toe in White with Black Piping

  2.95  each

Luxury Hair Turban Towel

  8.95  each

Microfibre Hair Turban Towel

  9.75  each

Massage Mitts (Pair)

  3.99  each

Terry Cotton Head Band - White

  3.25  each

Adjustable Velour Cotton Rich Head Band

  4.75  each