Oligodermie Purifying Day Cream for Oily Skin 50ml

  36.95  each

Oligodermie Nutri Vitalising Emulsion 50ml

  25.14  each

Oligodermie Fresh Purifying Lotion 200ml

  17.94  each

Oligodermie Toning Lotion for Sensitive Skin 200ml

  18.95  each

Oligodermie Moisture Regulating Serum 30ml

  34.95  each

Oligodermie High Tolerance Cream for Sensitive Skin 50ml

  29.95  each

Oligodermie Anti-Ageing Restorative Cream 50ml

  56.95  each

Oligodermie Anti-Wrinkle Serum for Mature Skin 30ml

  38.95  each

Oligodermie Eye Contour Balm 30ml

  26.95  each

Oligodermie Gentle Peeling Exfoliating Cream 250ml

  23.95  each

Oligodermie Hyaluronic Acid Gel Mask 200ml

  38.95  each

Oligodermie Cleansing Milk for Sensitive Skin 200ml

  18.95  each

Oligospa Professionnels Body Scrubbing Gel 500ml

  38.95  each

Oligospa Sugar Srcub For Body 1kg

  78.95  each

Oligospa Body Wrap with Cotton Extract 3kg

  14.95  each

Oligospa Body Scrubbing Gel With Salt & Citrus 1000ml

  29.95  each

Oligodermie Professional Skin Care  Oligodermie Professional Skin Care

Day and night, as the years go by, your skin becomes more demanding. This is why Oligodermie has created a range of 39 skin care products. Advised by your therapist in the choice of your beauty program, to ensure your skin is kept looking good now and in the future. After all, who knows your skin better than your therapist? Every day, morning and evening, 3 or 4 skin care products will meet the needs of your skin and will maintain it daily. Oligodermie skin-care products have been specially developed to provide the skin with the natural ingredients it needs.