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MCCosmetics Micro Needling Pen

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MCCosmetics Micro Needling Pen

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MCCosmetics Micro Needling Pen

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The MCCosmetics Micro Needling Pen is a revolutionary micro-puncture system for tightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Supplied with 2 cartridges.

The key benefits of this system are:
• The results obtained allow a continuous rejuvenation for healthy skin
• Treats problem areas such as fine lines around the lips, eyes and forehead
• Reduces the appearance of scars or skin damage, such as acne scars and stretch marks on the face or body
• Minimizes the appearance of very open pores, blackheads and milium
• Fills deep lines and wrinkles
• Treats and improves skin texture
• Treat and reduce crow's feet & laugh marks
• Treat and reduce acne and chickenpox scars
• Treats and decreases hyperpigmentation
• Treats and diminishes age marks and sun damaged skin
• It signifcantly improves the appearance of stretch marks
• Improves collagen fibres by up to 100%
• Improves the absorption of products on the skin / hair by up to 100% so that they can be more effective
• No downtime

MCCosmetics is a New York based company that specializes in creating cosmetic products developed for the health, beauty and wellbeing sector. Their main goal is to satisfy the clients needs offering them effective solutions for facial and body treatments through the best selection of active ingredients. All MCCosmetics products are created due the expertise and research of capable professionals with years of experience.

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