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Backing Bristish Business Finance

Backing Bristish Business Finance

Backing British Business Ltd specialise in providing bespoke funding solutions to Spas, Wellness Centres, Beauty and Hair Salons and all other Commercial businesses across the UK. With various facilities available they can provide our customers with the opportunity to spread the cost of your equipment.

Rates are competitive and customer service is a priority, so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

They can offer Hire Purchase, Lease and Loan facilities to cover a wide range of equipment with a minimum value of £1000 such as:
• Complete Spa or Salon Fit outs
• Beauty Equipment
• Salon or Clinic Furniture
• Massage Tables
• Office Equipment and Furniture

Minimum equipment value has to be 1000

Spread the Cost
Spread the cost of the assets over their useful life with affordable instalments

Easy to Budget
Fixed regular instalment amounts make it easy to manage your cash flow

Speedy ROI
Realise the benefits of your investment immediately without a large capital outlay

BBB will arrange the facility and all paperwork on your behalf as well as liaising with your supplier

Increased spending power
Enables you to purchase equipment and services that would otherwise be out of scope

Tax Efficient
All of our Leases, Hire Purchases and Loans are highly tax efficient

Key features include:
• The payment period can be anything from 1 year to 5 years.
• Payments are tax efficient.
• You do not have to use valuable working capital to pay for the solution.
• There is no need to use your bank overdraft or other credit facilities.
• You have a fixed payment each month or quarter, which helps you budget and makes the upgrade path to new technology simpler.
• The finance agreement can cover all costs including associated with the investment including delivery and installation.
• You are free to upgrade, make additions, or settle the finance agreement at any point.
• At the end of the agreement you have the option to either renew the contract and replace the equipment for new or pay a one off fee to gain ownership indefinitely.

Backing British Business are specialists in asset finance
Their knowledgeable team has decades of experience helping customers secure financing.

BBB work closely with a varied funding panel to develop, deliver and drive funding solutions that suit the needs of their multi-industry customer base.

BBB work with a wide range of SME businesses to arrange bespoke Funding Solutions.

BBB are independent of any Banks, Funders or Suppliers so we always secure the facility that is right for you.

BBB offer flexible finance options that cover a wide range of your business needs; from equipment, software and vehicles right through to refurbishment works and helping spread the cost of your tax liabilities.

BBB seek to help applicants who have historically found traditional bank funding protracted and cumbersome. BBB are also sympathetic to customers whose profile or funding requirement does not fit the typical credit scoring system.

BBB specialist staff are able to take the stress out of the application process for you. They liaise direct with a panel of funders to arrange the best facility for you and once in place, they arrange the invoicing and delivery and prepare all paperwork for you


Wouldn’t it be better to buy outright?
No - Businesses should protect their cash reserves. In the words of John Paul Getty “If it appreciates in value, buy it, if it depreciates, lease it”.

Isn’t leasing just for businesses that can’t afford to pay cash?
No - Businesses that lease do so because they know that there are often better uses for their cash reserves. They also know that every payment made towards a lease is usually 100% tax allowable.

Wouldn’t leasing only be relevant for large acquisitions?
No – Leasing can be used for all sizes of transactions. You can lease equipment from £1000 upwards.

What happens with VAT?
Each rental attracts VAT. This can usually be reclaimed if you are VAT registered.

What happens if the equipment becomes faulty?
You are protected by the manufacturers/vendors warranty or service contract. It is your responsibility for any repairs if the equipment is out of warranty.

Does Backing British Business provide financial products other than leasing?
Yes - we can offer Operating Lease, Lease Purchase, Hire Purchase, Rental Agreements, Contract Hire and Loans. Please contact us on 02037 439 937 for further details.

Does Backing British Business provide finance for other business assets?
Yes - We can finance any business assets including any technology, plant & machinery, cars, commercial vehicles, office refurbishments, vending machines, telephone systems, catering equipment, agricultural equipment and the list goes on.

If you would like to discuss a business acquisition please phone 02037 439 937 or email: or visit: