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Sissel Acupressure Mat

Sissel Acupressure Mat

Sissel Acupressure Mat

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Records have shown that acupressure as a treatment method started over 3000 years ago and that it uses the same techniques as acupuncture (but with out the needles). Acupressure assumes that certain points of the body are particularly sensitive and act as a "gateway" into the interior of the body.

There are 361 defined points, these all lay on "meridian lines", these are the energy channels of the body that are in direct contact with specific body areas and organs. Rubbing or gentle pressure, acupressure, on the skin in the area corresponding to specific body area or organ, eliminate the disturbances in energy flow to the specific body area or organ. Consequently the disease symptoms in that specific body area or organ are reduced or alleviated.

Traditional Chinese Medicine use acupressure to relieve pain, reduce swelling and to correct the functions of specific body areas and organs. Acupressure like massage can be used to relieve pain, loosen tight muscles and reduce stress. Like massage, acupressure needs a large area of stimulation to achieve this relaxation. To apply a large area of stimulation a SISSEL® Acupressure mat is used.

SISSEL® Acupressure Mat a proven solution to back pain:
• used to reduce pain and tension
• increases blood circulation, activates the "energy" flow
• alleviates stress, muscle soreness and reduces sleep problems
• easy to use
• total size: 40cm x 60cm, two-piece, nail height: 1.5cm
• material: TPE, recyclable, washable, can be disinfected
• full instruction leaflet

All Sissel fitness and rehabilitation equipment meet the highest standards and quality expected by world class, professional sports people, fitness and rehabilitation experts.


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