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Cherry Tree Shoji Screen - Black

Cherry Tree Shoji Screen - Black

Price: 109.95

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F R E E   D E L I V E R Y

A fine black finish, large pane shoji screen with a lovely Japanese brush art rendering of a cherry tree in bloom on the front of the panels. One of the most popular room dividers, the Cherry Tree Shoji Screen features a classic design versatile enough to complement any style of decor. Hand constructed from Scandinavian Spruce and fiber-reinforced Shoji rice paper, these screens are durable, lightweight and easy to fold up and move. This traditional style shoji screen allows diffused light though yet provides complete privacy.

• Frame is crafted from durable, lightweight Scandinavian Spruce using Asian style mortise and tenon joinery
• Panels are strong, fibre reinforced, pressed pulp rice paper
• Lacquered, two-way hinges mean you can fold the panels in either direction

Black Frame / Screen Sizes:
• 3 Panels = £109.95
• 4 Panels = £139.95
• 5 Panels = £169.95

Dimensions of each panel:
• Height: 175cm
• Width: 44cm